Teachers Heroes

Coach Epperson

by tisha from Colorado City

1)A hero is very important to people around them.

2)A hero is caring.

3)A hero is loyal to you.

4)A hero is helpful to you.

5)A hero encourages you to do something you are good at.

There are millions of heroes in the world. A hero can be a teacher, coach, family, or friend. My hero is a coach, Coach Epperson. I think my hero is very important, caring, nice, helpful, and encourages me a lot when I need it the most. He was a Green Brey in the military. He served 2 years there. He moved to Colorado City, Texas, after he finished his service. He is now a Social Studies teacher for 8th grade and a coach for 8th grade athletics. He has taught for 21 years at Colorado Middle School. Coach Epperson is a guy you can always rely on when you need him the most. Coach Epperson is very important to the world. He was willing to serve our country no matter what he has to do for us.

He is caring and helpful to others. Teaching for 21 years is a long time. All he has taught is Social Studies. He was a coach for 31 years. He has taught lots of sports in Colorado City.

He can be very encouraging to a lot of people. As a coach of football, basketball, baseball, softball, and many other sports, I know he encourages them every chance he gets. He touched other peoples lives besides mine by being a coach in many places like, Decatur, Roberly, Colorado City, Loraine. He is a junior high coach also. He is head of all girls’ softball.

Coach Epperson can be anyone’s hero, but I think he is going to be my hero for a long time. Serving 2 1/2 years in the military and 31 years of being a coach and 21 years of teaching, now that’s what I call my kind of hero!

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