Everyday Heroes

by Mark from Omaha

They are, in a way, forgotten heroes. They seem like just average people, and the truth is, they are. The average person, who gets up in the morning and goes to work whether they want to or not is more of a hero than you might think. They influence our lives greatly.

The working man or woman is important for their determination. They live honest lives. They work simply because it is the right thing. They spend their hard earned money not on extra frills, but on necessary items that give us our roots, make us the people that we are. They know the decent path of life, and they follow it.

I read a story once about a schoolteacher from England. She received only one pound a week. Out of that, she sent most of it to her grandma, who was rather sick and needed extra money. This particular teacher would have been better off if she quit her job and drew unemployment money. However, she would never even consider it. She loved teaching, going to work, and spending time with her students. She knew that it was dishonest to take unemployment money. She had a job and there were people who actually needed the unemployment money for they didn’t have one. She lived an honest life.

Whether you think so or not, these heroes make many differences in our lives. They show us and teach us how to make a good living. You may look up to singers or actors or rich people. But when you really look at it, don’t you just want to be successful? Isn’t that what you’re searching for? When I look at it, everyday heroes are successful. They have a home. They have food and water. They have clothes to keep them warm and a bed to sleep in. They have a family to keep them company. In my opinion, everyday, average heroes are the most successful people I know.

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