Terrance Stanley Fox

by karl from sydney

Karl Landru's Terry Fox Project
This is Terry Fox
This is Terry Fox

Background Information- Terry fox was born on July 28,in 1958. He grew up in Winnipeg Manitoba. Terry fox died in New Westminister, BC, with his family beside him,in June 28,1981.

Terry Fox favorite interests are hanging out with his basketball team mates. He loved going to parties with best friends, plus going on dates with girls. Another interest he loved doing was joking around, wrestling, and playing games like hide- in- seek. Plus one sport he really liked was hockey. Terry Fox said when he grew up, he was planning to be a coach for a hockey team.

Terry Fox was a student and talented basketball player. During Terry’s senior year, he developed cancer in his thigh and his leg had to be amputated. This operation effectively ended Terry’s sports career and he sadly lay in his hospital bed contemplating what to do with his life. One day a close friend visited and brought news of another athlete who had recently overcome a physical setback and made a significant contribution.

Terry Fox decided to raise his country’s awareness of cancer by walking 4,000 miles across Canada. Terry, with his amputated leg exposed, walked the equivalent of a marathon every day for months. The nation quickly became aware of his amazing challenge and millions of people daily began following his progress. Unfortunately, the cancer returned just as Terry had reached midway and eventually consumed him.

But Terry Fox had caught the imagination of his nation. Each year Terry Fox 10k and marathon races raise millions of dollars for cancer research. Port Coquitlam, BC, honored Terry’s memory by dedicating in his name the new high school that replaced his old building.

Terry Fox grew up in a family of sport lovers. He and his brothers all played several sports, including hockey, baseball and soccer. Through high school Terry also participated in cross country running and basketball. When Terry was around 9 or 10 he went picking berries, and then gradually worked up to other jobs. Before Terry there was only one child in his family, a boy named Fred. Terry also had a younger brother named Darrell, and a younger sister named Judith.

Trait Number 1 and information

Care- Terry fox is determined to run across Canada to raise money for cance, evan if he has to crawl every last mile.
Terry believed that you stick up for yourself, even if you are wrong. The habit of arguing reinforced his stubborn will.
With one leg running across a country and asking nothing except the satisfaction of knowing that he had aroused people's interest in supporting the cause of finding a cure for cancer.

Trait number 2 and information

Brave- Terry decided to meet his new challenge head on and not only overcome his disability, but conquer it in such away that he could never look back and say it disabled him.
The little bit of pain that Terry was going through is nothing. They can't shut it off, and he can't shut down every time he feels a little sore.
Terry Fox was a brave young Canadian who had his right leg amputated above the knee following cancer diagnosis. When Terry was in the hospital, he saw how the cancer patients were suffering. This is why he decided to run across Canada and raise awareness of the disease and funds for cancer research. The run was called the Marathon of Hope.

Trait number 3 and information

Strong- Not many people are aware of the physical enormity that Terry did in his run across Canada. He ran 26 miles per day, seven days per week. Few people could stand up to such punishment.
Terry believed the key to his success was his mental toughness.
He ran through ice storms and summer heat, against bitter winds of such velocity he couldn't move. Though he shunned the notion himself, people were calling him a hero. He thought of himself as average in everything but determination.

Conclusion- The reasion why I think Terry Fox is a hero because he always thought of other people first. Evan though he had only one leg and artificial leg, it didn't get in his way to run across Canada and raise money for Cancer Research. He wouldn't let the pain he was going through stop him. This made him more determined to keep on going to help the Canada Research. Even when his primary cancer had spread to his lungs. He still promised he wouldn't give up. Terry Fox is a person who puts other people needs first before his own needs. If everyone were like Terry Fox, we would live in a better world.

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