Fred Batley

by Carmen from Peterborough

Fred Batley (St James Archives)
Fred Batley (St James Archives)

My hero is Fred Batley. Fred is the kind of person who puts everyone else ahead of himself. He does so much for others and asks for almost nothing in return. Fred makes dreams come true for many young children in the community of Peterborough, Ontario.

Fred is the president of the St. James Players, a theater organization I have been a part of for 4 years. The St. James Players focuses on giving young children experience in real theater. Fred produces every musical that the St. James Players present. In some of these musicals, Fred even has a part and, on top of learning lines, he organizes parties, posters, t-shirt orders and many other important jobs that no one else would do if Fred didn't. Fred works so hard for every production and gets very little in return. His modesty would say otherwise, but he truly is the backbone of Community Theater in Peterborough.

Fred is focused on the future and puts his heart and soul into introducing drama to young people. He has even started a bursary (scholarship fund) for young adult members of the St. James Players who are pursuing drama at university. This shows his devotion to the next generation of theater.

Fred playing the Rabbi in "Fiddler on the Roof"
Fred playing the Rabbi in "Fiddler on the Roof"

Fred doesn't only have his life at the St. James Players, he also has a family and home and a full-time job at Fleming College. He is head of the athletics department there. I admire Fred because he manages to juggle home life, work life and Players life (which is like a second life). I find it hard to simply be in a performance let alone organize everything and everyone involved. Sometimes I think that people take Fred for granted. This is probably because he does everything so silently without asking for any help; he just wants to get the job done and he does!

Fred and the St. James Players both are very close to my heart. I feel that had I not been a part of the St. James Players, I wouldn't be where I am today. I would never have had enough confidence to audition for the Integrated Arts Program and I probably wouldn't have gotten in. It's because Fred believes in the future of youth dramatic arts that I got my chance and I continue to get my chance in every performance I am in. I have gained so much experience, responsibility and, most importantly, self-esteem. I thank Fred for giving me a chance and also for giving so many other young, aspiring actors and actresses their chance to shine. In my opinion, Fred Batley is a true hero!

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