Fatima Esperer

by Josh from Pickerington

Definition: My definition of a hero is someone who is willing to sacrifice and take chances for the good of others.

Opinion: I think it is important to have a hero. Everyone needs a role model. They need someone that they can admire and really look up to. I think this could prevent people from going down a bad road.

The character in my book that is a hero is Fatima. She saved money so she could make the trip to the US. She went all by herself at the age of 16 to earn a better life for her sisters. She had to have a lot of courage to do this. Also, when the vigilantes were about to kill Jimmi she stepped up and stopped them. This is another thing along with courage that a hero has to have to be one. I think it is extremely clear that she is a true hero.

There are many reasons why Fatima should be in a hero hall of fame. One of these is that she put her life on the line to save one of her friends. She was an illegal and she knew that it was dangerous for her to be around the police but she stayed anyways. Also she braved America alone to help her sister get out of Africa. She lived on the bare minimum to save money to get her sister a better life. That is why Fatima should be in the hero hall of fame.

Interview of Fatima Espérer by Josh Clouse. Q:What is your favorite part about America? A:I love all the warm food and that everything is so great here. Q:What was your motivation to move here? A:I wanted a better life for my sister. Q:How do you feel about being considered a hero? A:I wasn't trying to be a hero I just saw my friend in need and I did everything I could to help him. Q:Who is your hero? A:My hero is my mother because she was such a strong person with all that was going on. Q:What is your favorite color? A:Blue. Q:What made you step up and protect Jimmi? A:I knew that I couldn't just stand there and let it happen to my friend so I ran up there and tried to stop it. Q:If you could do it over would you do the same thing? A:Of course. Q:How do you and your sister get along? A:We get along perfectly. Q;Why didn't your sister come with you? A:We only had enough money for one of us to leave. Q:What do you think a hero is? A:I think that a hero has to be someone who has to put other peoples needs in front of their own.

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Three young kids live in a part of the projects called "the orange houses". This is an unbelievable friendship and events involving these three.