Frida Kahlo

by Sergio from San Diego

Frida Kahlo is pictured holding an "Olmeca" figure <br> (Nickolas Muray Photo Archives)
Frida Kahlo is pictured holding an "Olmeca" figure (Nickolas Muray Photo Archives)

"My painting carries with it the message of pain"- Frida Kahlo. Frida Kahlo's work was mostly based on her emotions. Frida Kahlo considered one of the best Mexican artists of the twentieth century. In 1925, Frida Kahlo was in a bus crash, resulted in spinal and leg injuries, these later caused her to lose the ability to walk and was unable to bear children. She was married to Diego Rivera And were later divorced in 1940. A year after her miscarriage, Her art was truly on emotions while going through miscarriages, a divorce and her injuries (Museo Frida Kahlo).  Frida Kahlo possesses a personality of an independent woman making her own success and mentally strong because of all the the things she went through.

Frida Kahlo shortly after her many surgeries ( ())
Frida Kahlo shortly after her many surgeries ( ())

Frida Kahlo was a mentally strong person she went through a lot in her life that is what made her a strong minded person determined to live her life to her capabilities. Frida Kahlo was faced with many challenges in her lifetime, which mostly threatened her life and wellbeing. "September 17, 1925. That day Kahlo was badly injured when an electric trolley crashed into the side of the bus she was riding home from school. The collision split the bus in half and drove a piece of iron into Kahlo's pelvis and back, breaking the bones in several places. Other injuries included a fractured collarbone. a shattered right leg and foot." ("Frida Kahlo." Authors and Artists for Young Adults). Frida Kahlo was not expected to live after sustaining her injuries from this crash. Frida Kahlo was dipping into depression but by using her art she carried how she felt and how she saw her body to her paintings. Frida was crippled from there on and she could not walk but she drew herself as she saw her body. This helped her get through her rough patches in life. Her paintings from this time in her life have a lot to do with her injuries and how they happened. She used her art to express and share her emotions so people could understand what she is going through. She also shows how a woman can be strong  through horrific life changing events that might take them into a deep depression."During the summer of 1932, with the couple in Detroit so Diego could create his classic murals for the Detroit Institute of Arts, Kahlo, four months pregnant, miscarried."("Frida Kahlo." Newsmakers. Detroit).  She was a strong woman going through many unfortunate events this occasion one of her miscarriages. This shows she was a strong woman as seen in her paintings in this time period of her life. To show how she felt thus creating an outlet for her emotions and using art as a therapy. She used her art as therapy and a way to share. This made her not go through recovery by herself. But she felt alone as Frida Kahlo said "I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.". Which meant most of her pain and emotions was in her art. That is what made her strong going through life changing events alone.

As seen here Frida is drawn near a body ( (Frida Kahlo))
As seen here Frida is drawn near a body ( (Frida Kahlo))

Frida Kahlo was an independent woman she was never the type of woman to stand in the shadow of a man's success by creating her own success. Even as a young girl Frida Kahlo was never one to stick the trends or what was custom at the time. " Her father encouraged her to play soccer, go swimming, and even wrestle"( When Frida Kahlo was little girl these sports were dominated by men. She started to play these sports because she had a minor case of polio and did the sports to get back to health. She was a stand out among the men and was a role model for other girls that would want to get into sports. In Frida's career as an artist there were ups and downs in how her art was seen and perceived."1930s and 1940s saw Kahlo's peak production, the 1950s became the year she gained wider recognition than for being just Mrs. Diego Rivera." ("Frida Kahlo." Newsmakers. Detroit). Frida was always considered as only the wife of Diego Rivera not take seriously about her art. Once her production, selling, and popularity of her art rose in sales, by that she made a name for herself not only in art, but in culture as a whole.

Frida pictured looking out a window ( ())
Frida pictured looking out a window ( ())

Frida Kahlo was a strong woman who went through a lot which molded her to be independent and creating her own reputation. She had the the will to live and did not give up on herself or her art. She came through as an artist being known by herself not just the wife of Diego Rivera, never shadowed by a man. She used her art as a therapy she got her message of her pain and emotions she went through. She Used her paid and put it into a way so send her message and how she sees herself. Frida Kahlo is the greatest and most recognizable Mexican artists of the 20th century she was willing to live her life in the way that she could and suffering through the unfortunate events in her life .

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