Florence Nightingale

by Mia

Florence Nightingale (Encyclopedia Brittannica  (Encyclopedia Britannica ))
Florence Nightingale (Encyclopedia Brittannica (Encyclopedia Britannica ))

My hero is Florence Nightingale. She was named Florence because she was born in Florence, Italy. She earned the nickname Lady with the Lamp. Florence was brave, a leader, and she helped others. Florence was born May 12, 1820. She died August 13th, 1910. She started the Red Cross which is a big first aid company. Florence was a nurse who saved many people. She never gave up on her big dream of being a nurse. Florence didn't care what her parents thought because she really wanted to be a nurse . Florence was the first person to be awarded the Order of Merit award. Florence Nightingale is very inspiring.

Florence Nightingale was brave. Her parents wanted Florence to have the best education possible and she did have a very good education. Her parents taught her a lot of languages. But her parents wanted Florence to be a housewife and she wasn't interested in that. At night Florence would read books about nursing and how to be a good nurse and her parents did not know that. Later in her life a man proposed to her and she said no because that would mean that she would have to be a housewife and she wanted to be a nurse. She also is brave because she could have got sick while helping patients but she didn't care because she wanted to help people. What Florence did for people is incredible. She actually died because she got sick and a week after she recovered she felt sick and was not feeling well the day after. She died in her house at two in the afternoon. Florence Nightingale was a brave lady.

Florence Nightingale was a leader. She started the Nightingale Training School which is an academic school for future nurses, that was located in the St.Thomas Hospital. Another significant reason she is a leader is she established the Red Cross which is a emergency assistance company that helps people that are hurt. Another factor of Florence being a leader is that she was one of the head nurses during the Crimean War. She helped people who were hurt and almost killed on the battlefield. There were not a lot of hospitals where the Crimean War was, Florence mostly had to help people on the battlefield which is really risky. Florence Nightingale was a leader.

Florence Nightingale helped others. She helped others because she supported many soldiers during wars and battles. Florence helped people every day when she was alive because she was a nurse and nurses help people get better and save people. During wars Florence sent books to men in the hospitals so they were not bored. Another example of Florence helping others is that she sent teachers to the hospitals for people that couldn't read. She did not have to do that but she wanted to do whatever she could to make people happy and help others. Florence thought that if the hospitals were clean that people would get better faster and she was right because when she cleaned the hospitals every patient got a little bit better. Florence always helped others when she could. Florence Nightingale loved helping people.

In conclusion, Florence Nightingale was brave, a leader, and she helped others. She was a nurse that saved many lives and made many lives better. She never gave up on her dream of being a nurse because she knew that being a nurse was what she wanted. She got on the battlefield during a big war to help people that were hurt. If she didn't love her job she wouldn't have got on the battlefield and helped people. She was such a big part in nursing that International Nurses Day is her birthday honoring her contribution to nursing. Florence Nightingale is my hero.

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