Florence Nightingale

by Michael

Florence Nightingale ( ())
Florence Nightingale ( ())

Florence Nightingale was the beginning of modern nursing and she is my hero. When Florence was seventeen, she felt that God was calling her to become a nurse. Before she could begin nursing, her parents disapproved of her idea of becoming a nurse. Back then, in the eighteen twenties it was considered a low-status job. In fact, her parents tried to steer her mind to clean and cook at the house, but she was determined to focus on nursing. Florence worked hard on becoming a nurse, and her work paid off. She then was asked to work in Kaiserswerth, Germany for three months of training. She worked very hard and tried different ways to help the patient without using medicine. She never gave up and never felt like giving up on ideas that didn't work. Florence Nightingale is my hero because she is inspiring, a leader, and overcoming the fact that one one supports her.

Florence Nightingale inspires nursing because of the big difference she made on how effective nursing can be. She has made nursing a respected profession. Otherwise nursing may still be a low-status job. She incorporated nursing for nurses to learn about the procedure that a nurse must do. She inspired people that you can always learn more about nursing than just the same procedure. The procedure was only giving herbs and water to clean, but Florence taught more. She said to focus on what's around the patient, the patient will be healed much faster if the patient is able to stay away from other infectious illnesses. She showed to nurses that nursing can really help patients. Even though she is not alive anymore, nurses still appreciate her work. Florence Nightingale made a big difference in modern nursing.

I know that Florence Nightingale is a leader because she worked really hard through all the failed experiments she came across. She thought outside the box and came up with these ideas that really helped nurses today. When she was alive, she raised 50,000 euros to establish a school because tons of people believed that she was the best nurse. She taught a whole new nursing generation at the school and even wrote a whole textbook about important tips about healing a patient. Florence's idea is about giving space to the patient and having good ventilation. She had a whole new set of nurses every year and many people who were begging for her to help their loved ones. She was truly a good leader for people who were enthusiastic about becoming a nurse and people who were ill.

Florence Nightingale did not care about how people thought nursing was a low status job. She thought God let her be alive to nurse. Florence's parents were not approving the idea to represent a family with a low-status job. Almost all the people she knew were not supporting her. She kept following her dream to change the world on modern nursing. Her parents were not even paying for her to go to a school of nursing. After Florence learned about the best ways to heal a patient faster, people started to follow her. Florence did not listen to what people said, she tried new ways instead of using the original way to nurse.

In closing, Florence Nightingale made a big difference in nursing. She kept following her dreams to become a leader in modern nursing. If she didn't train for nursing, modern nursing might still be considered low status. She kept going even though no one supported her to become a nurse. Florence trained herself in the same way she trained her students. She told them to try different things to see if it helps the patient. The most important idea she told them was to make sure everything was clean and ventilated. She was determined to write a book about all the most important parts about nursing. In conclusion, Florence Nightingale followed her dream to make nursing a more respected job.

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