Frank Ocean

by Joshua from Newark

"Close Your Eyes To What You Can't Imagine." () ()

My hero is Frank Ocean, I am more inspired by his music. Frank Ocean is a rapper, but not the kind of rapper that talks about money and girls. Well he sings about girls, but not how most rappers do. His songs are more of a mellow type of music. He sings about love and how his life is with girls.

Frank Ocean was born and raised in New Orleans ( ())
Frank Ocean was born and raised in New Orleans ( ())

Frank Ocean was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He went to a jazz club when he was not doing chores. While recording his album in New Orleans a hurricane hit, the name of it was Hurricane Katrina. Frank Ocean wanted to finish his album so he moved to Los Angeles. He wanted to stay for six weeks. Frank wanted to stay in L.A. because his music career was starting. Frank was recording demos at his friend's house.

Frank got a song writing deal with record producers and wrote songs for Justin Bieber, John Legend, and Brandy. Frank felt like he was putting his voice in other people's song but putting hit lyrics in there songs and forming them. Frank said, "There was a point where I was composing for other people, and it might have been comfy to continue to do that and enjoy that income stream and the anonymity. But that's not why I moved away from school and away from family."

Frank met Los Angeles-based Hip hop collective OFWGKTA(Odd Future Wolf Gang) from networking. Frank's Friendship with Tyler, The Creator from Odd Future reinvigorated Frank's writing. From Tyler, Frank met Tricky Stewart from Def Jam Recordings and he helped him set up a contract for a solo artist. Frank just couldn't build a relationship with the company. In 2010 Frank went on a legal website to change his name to Christopher Francis Ocean from Christopher Breaux. The movie Ocean's 11 inspired his name.

Frank Oceans New Album ( ())
Frank Oceans New Album ( ())

Frank now has an album and a couple mix tapes out. His album is successful. He gained a lot of fans off out it. Frank also did a song with Nas, and Pharrell Williams. He has done songs with more people. He also wrote songs for Justin Bieber, John Legend, Brandy , and Beyonce.

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