Frank Pantridge

by Nicholas from Dublin

A hero to me is either someone who built something that helps people or someone who fights for a country and finally helps others no matter the cost. Why I think this makes a hero is because a hero is not one who entertains, it's one who helps others in need or has an idea that will help others. What will entertainment bring us? It may bring us laughter; however, if there is a war going on will the entertainers make us feel safe? No they won't; however, what will make us feel safe are the people fighting and protecting us. The characteristics of my hero are smart, helpful, and brave. My hero is Frank Pantridge the creator of the portable defibrillator.

Why my hero is smart is because he used one man's idea to make it better to help lives. He also was accepted to Queen's University and Michigan university. Which allowed him to become a professor like he was. He also built the defibrillator from a car battery. He also used his education to get a Phd.

Why my hero is brave is because he was a medic in WWII. Also, even though he was in captivity, he worked through until he was eventually free. Once he was freed he would have a deadly disease which even though that is scary he fought through and was brave the whole time.

Why my hero is helpful is because he wanted to help people because so many people were dying. Why they were dying is because they could not make it to the hospital in time to use the defibrillator so he decided to make a portable defibrillator so that not as many people would die. Also when Ireland needed men to fight in WWII he applied. He started out as a lieutenant then became a medic to help the injured.

In conclusion my hero is Frank Pantridge because of all the amazing things he did for us. For what he did to save lives we will always remember him as a hero. He also started a new leaf for the medical industry and inspired others to do great things. So finally thank you for reading my hero project. Hopefully you liked it and I hope inspired you to be amazing to never give up and to always persevere.

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