France Prešeren

by Andraz from Naklo

France Preseren was born on December 3rd 1800 in Vrba na Gorenjskem, and he died on February 8th 1849 in Kranj (he was 48 years old). He grew up at his uncle Josef's (he was a priest). He studied in Ribnica, Ljubljana and Vienna. He was a jurist and a romantic poet. I like him because we use 7th stanza of his poem Zdravljica as our anthem. And this is why he became so famous. But he didn't enjoy it, because his poem became our anthem after he died. He also wrote one collection of poems"Poezije". Four major poems that he wrote are "Apel in čevljar", "Povodni mož", "Turjaška Rozamunda" and the most important "Zdravljica". I like the most about him, that his poems are completely easy and sometimes pointless if you read them fast, but if you read them really carefully, you see lots of things that stand behind these words. His poems are really meaningful.


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