France Preseren

by Andrej from Maribor

France Prešeren (
France Prešeren (

France Prešeren (1800-1849), was born in Vrba in Slovenia. He was educated by his uncle in Grosuplje. Then he went to school in Ribnica and finished gymnasium in Ljubljana. He was always an excellent student.

In 1820 he went to Vienna to study law. He finished study in 1828. When he came back to Ljubljana, he was employed as a trainee lawyer in the office of attorney Leopold Baumgart and in 1832 made a trainee exam.

In 1830 to 1832 he published his first poems in Kranjska Čbelica. In 1934 he published the main part of his poetry. In this part of his life he met Julija Primic. He wrote many poems about her. He married Ana Jelovškova. They had 3 children (2 daughters and one son). Prešeren published his collection of his poems named Poezje in 1846. On February 8 of 1849 Prešeren died in Kranj

Prešeren is the most important romantic poet in Slovenia. He raised Slovenian poetry to the level of European poetry, and that was very important in his time. Prešeren dedicated special attention to the language. He wanted every Slovenian person to be educated and that is one big advantage of his poetry.

France Prešeren (
France Prešeren (

I think he is a hero because if Slovenian nation didn't have such a good writer as Prešeren was, it could be a part of some other nation.

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