A Hero Is. . .

by Emily from Redford

 A hero, in real life today, is not someone who saves you from a villain but helps you with everyday life. A hero to me is my whole family. They help me through everything in my time of need. My mom and dad are great but everyone says "my hero is my mom" or "my hero is my dad" no one has done their whole family. My family is very large. On my dad's side I have three grandmas and one grandpa but I love them all. On my mom's side I have one grandma and no grandpa. My grandparents are very nice to me, they are my heroes.

 My family is a very cohesive family. We learn to work and play together. My dad's side of the family is I guess you could say normal, no fighting and no yelling . My mom's side is very different. I know that they love each other, but they fight a lot. But when you put the two families together you get the right amount of craziness. I'm not saying that my family is nuts or something, they just balance each other out. In my family they need a good balance.

I love my family, even though they aren't perfect. I guess no one's family is perfect. My family will be my family. I cannot change who they are and what they do.  My family is my heroes and they will be all my life. Even if they are all crazy at some point, I will still have to keep loving them. This has been my hero, thank you.

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