by Michael from Pickerington

A Hero is someone who is admired by their courage or outstanding qualities.

I believe it is very important to have a hero in your life because everyone needs someone to look up to. I know I have a hero and it's my dad, he is funny he plays sports, he is smart, and he teaches me to be a better person in life and in sports.

I feel the hero in The Orange Houses is Fatima. She is caring, nice, brave, and loyal. One thing that happened in the story was she bought her friend Mik, who is deaf, better hearing aids because her old ones were big and broken. Another way Fatima is a hero is, when Mik was getting made fun of by the Shanelle, Fatima stood up for Mik and made Shanelle leave. Also when Mik's friend Jimmy was getting beat up by gangbangers, Fatima jumped in and made them stop by telling them " If you guys kill him you will be in jail, there is no point" and then the cops came and Jimmy was alright.

I believe Fatima should be in the Hero Hall of Fame because of her Great qualities. She made Mik realize that she doesn't need to be scared of anything or anyone. She taught her to teach kids, and teach in front of a big group of people. She bought her new hearing aids and helped Mik express herself in an artistic way. Some people classify heroes as being brave and strong but another way is being a hero by helping people mentally and that is what Fatima did. She taught Mik that it is okay to be different. When Mik was getting beat up by Shanelle and her crew, Fatima went off to find her. She made Mik feel a lot better about herself and more safe. That's why Fatima should be in the hall of fame.

Question 1: Do you have a personal hero? Answer 1: Yes, Picasso, because he expressed his feelings through his art work. Question 2: Do you feel you are a hero? Answer 2: No, I'm just being me. I like to help others and make new friends. Question 3: What do you do that makes you stand out? Answer 3: I like to help people, and explain in an artistic way. I believe people can express their ways through art. Art can make the world a happier place to be. Question 4: What gave you the courage to step in front of a group of Gang members and stop them from beating Jimmi? Answer 4: I think what they did to him was completely wrong, I know helping him god would protect me and Jimmi. Question 5: What's your definition of a hero? Answer 5: I think the definition of a hero is someone who helps someone else either physically or mentally. Question 6: Would you want to be looked up to or look up to someone else? Answer 6: Both, because i want people to look up to me, it tells me that what I'm doing is good, that i am a good role model. Also i want to look up to someone because that's how i can be a great role model. Question 7: What was your favorite memory with Mik? Answer 7: My favorite memory with Mik is when we were on the boat to the Statue of Liberty and boys were coming up to us, and we were having a blast. Question 8: How did Mik change your life? Answer 8: Mik changed my life in so many ways, i realized that you have to accept yourself. She was the first real friend i had, and could ever open up to. Question 9: Do you think you have changed Mik's life? Answer 9: I think i have, i have made her come out of her comfort zone. I bought her new hearing aids, and i have seen her be a lot happier during the day. Question 10: What's with you and Mik? Answer 10: I think me and Mik will always be good friends. Hopefully we will still be as close as we are now.

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