Finn the Human

by Veronica from Balti

       A hero is someone who has courage, bravery or the ability to do something out of the ordinary to help another person and expect nothing in return. You see heroes everywhere but sometimes you just never pay attention to what's going on. Everyone has someone which they look up to, someone they can admire, someone they can call a hero. Sometimes that hero is a close friend or family to a person. Sometimes a hero is someone you don't personally know at all, but find out information about him. Sometimes a hero cannot be a physical entity at all. However one thing they all have in common is the status of hero.

The hero of many children is Finn the Human, he is a kid with an awesome hat, from the series Adventure Time. His story begins with his best friend Jake, together they fight evil, save princesses and have awesome adventures. He is not a hero for everyone, but all that consider him their hero appreciate that he always tries to do the right thing, no matter what. His word means more than a scouts honor for when he says something, he always does it regardless of the perilous journey he may encounter to fulfill it. He fought ogres, a magical ice king, why-wolves, zombie candy people, thieves, trolls, monsters and even vampires just to save the innocent. In the magical land of Ooo in which he lives, he tries to fulfill the wishes of everyone in the most honorable way. Having a strong moral code, he swore that he would help anyone in need. He sets off on magical random quests around the Land of Ooo killing anything evil as shown in the Enchiridion episode and would not harm any non evil, not even an innocent ant. Even though he can sometimes make mistakes, as he is only a 16 years old boy, he always fixes them. On top of that, Finn and his best friend Jake try to save everyone from harm from old women to candy princesses. I find him a hero and from this determine the source of all his actions. He is kind and sensitive, although the enemies can be violent and angry. He loves to fight, but is not able to harm the innocent. He is a person, just like you. Unlike other superheroes, he does not have to hide behind a mask. Unlike many celebrities, he doesn't hide behind fame or money. He is a universal adventurer that nearly anyone has the capacity to relate to and admire.

He simply is himself, which is something that everyone should strive to do. He tries to prove that being yourself is just as heroic as being a superhero. Thanks to all of the qualities and actions, he is a hero and you can be a hero too.

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