by Clarissa from Fresno

   My hero is Fiona from the Movie Shrek, made in 2001. In the movie Fiona is tough on the outside. She fights a large group of men by herself and she is independent. On the inside Fiona is insecure, and doesn't want to reveal herself to Shrek or Donkey. She was once a beautiful princess, but was cursed to become an ogre. She is not used to looking like an ogre so she considers herself an ugly monster.

   On the outside I am a happy, bubbly person; I don't think anyone would think that I'm self conscious. I am very sensitive when it comes to my looks. I don't like how I look so sometimes I feel no one else will. When people do compliment me I believe them for that moment, but then their compliments fade away.

   In the end Fiona and Shrek fall in love, and she decides to stay an ogre with Shrek. Fiona is my hero because she reminds me that someone out there will love me for me, my personality, looks, my flaws and imperfections.

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