A Brave Fireman

by Bianca Toderean from Al. Papiu Ilarian Highschool Dej

My Hero

I will tell you a story about heroes who appear to be ordinary people, but who are always ready to jump in the middle of the danger in order to save people who need help.

... A four-year child was sleeping in his bed. His mother went shopping and because it was getting dark she lit a candle. The woman was so unconscious that she left the child unsupervised with the candle burning. As she had to buy a lot of things she stayed longer than she had thought and didn't realise that her child was in big danger.. The child woke up and started to cry. He stepped towards the table and pulled the tablecloth down. The room burst into flames. All the house was full of smoke. A neighbour who was passing by, saw the flames and called the firemen. In a few minutes two fire engines arrived. In the meantime the woman came back home, and frightened to death, told them that her little child was inside. First, they said there was nothing to do because the whole house burnt. Seeing the woman so desperate, one of the fire fighters assuming his responsibility, entered the house. There was smoke everywhere. In spite of that, the man caught the unconscious child who was lying on the floor. He had to do that very fast because the house could collapse any moment. Risking his life, he managed to save the child's life. A paramedic gave him first aid and the child was taken to hospital. The child's mother had no words enough to thank the fireman...

We need heroes to help us in case of dangers and disasters. A hero is a brave and courageous person, who does not think of his own life when rescuing other lives, always ready to sacrifice his own one.

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