by Nataly from Krasnoyarsk

Firestar (Natame Secrea)
Firestar (Natame Secrea)

He is the character of a series of books "Cats Warriors" which I like to read. If there was not this cat - I wouldn't read all books from beginning to end. Yes, he is a cat. But I consider him as the real hero.

Firestar is very brave, kind and judicious cat. He has red hair and bright green eyes. He is a very nice cat. In his childhood Firestar was an ordinary house kitten. But he resolved to become the real warrior and went to the woods, to the Storm tribe. Accepted there not at once, but he could prove the devotion to the wood and became the leader of Storm cats.

Firestar was an excellent leader. He was honest and offended nobody. He always remained quiet. In the history of the wood there was a great war when 4 forest tribes battled with a huge horde of city cats. The wood stood only thanks to Firestar and his resourcefulness and sharpness.

But soon new danger overtook them - the Gloomy wood wanted to subordinate forest tribes and to take control of their territory. But also here all were rescued by Firestar. He entered a deadly fight with the leader of the Gloomy wood -Tigerstar- and gave the life for peace in the wood.

Firestar is my hero, though he is a cat.

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