Dian Fossey

by Rachel from Lincoln

A portrait of Dian Fossey by Rachel <br> (I drew this picture.)
A portrait of Dian Fossey by Rachel
(I drew this picture.)

Have you ever expected your hero to have an interaction with animals? If you said no, that’s how I felt when I found out Dian went to Rwanda and Zaire to spend time with gorillas. By the time you're finished reading this biography you will know about Dian Fossey. She was the first person, male or female, to touch a wild gorilla.

If I asked you, “Why was Dian murdered?” and you couldn’t answer, here’s the answer I found. People didn’t like how she stayed in the Karisoke research center. So they killed her so they could stay at the Karisoke research center.

What if I asked you, “What made it so easy for her to interact with gorillas?” Do you have any answers? Any yet? After she spent so much time in Africa they let her come close to their families.

Could you answer, “Why was her life so remarkable?” Anything for an answer …… At least one ….. When she spent so many years in Africa, they gained her trust and let her touch their habitat.

Now you know my biography on Dian Fossey. I hope you know more about her. She is one of my greatest heros. I really enjoyed learning about her.

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