Terry Fox

by Kaitlyn from Bradford, Ontario, Canada

Terry Fox is running (
Terry Fox is running (

Terry Fox was born on July 28 in Winnipeg Manitoba. Terry's Mother, Betty, Father Rolly, Brother Fred, Brother Darell and Sister Judith lived in a house together. Terry loved to do basketball at Simon Fraser University. He also loved to play soccer at Simon Fraser University. Terry was on a team that wore black and red stripes. Terry's special interests were playing basketball and running across Canada for cancer research.

Terry Fox got cancer in his right knee. He didn`t tell his parents that his knee hurt. He went to the doctor's and told the doctor about the pain in his right knee. Terry`s doctor told him that he had to have surgery. Terry went for surgery and they put sleeping gas on him. They took the cancer leg off and put a fake one in its place. Terry`s inspiration was Dick Traum. Dick was a one-legged person. He ran the New York Marathon. Terry`s heroes were Darryl Sittler and Bobby Orr his hockey legend.

Terry Fox on a loonie. (
Terry Fox on a loonie. (

Terry Fox tried to raise money for other people with cancer. Everybody was cheering for Terry. They were yelling, "YOU CAN DO IT, DON`T GIVE UP!" and "DON'T LET THE CANCER STOP YOU." Terry kept on going while everybody cheered. Terry Fox tried to make the world a better place by raising money for sick kids and adults to get better and for those kids to have a good life and for those kids to help other kids and adults like them.

Terry Fox died on June 28 1981. After Terry Fox died his family decided to honor him by keeping the Marathon of Hope running. They also made a memorial statue of Terry Fox. The Canadian postal service made coins and stamps to remember him by. Terry Fox died at a young age of 22.

Terry Fox running. (
Terry Fox running. (

Terry Fox is my hero because he tried to save other people's lives. Terry Fox fought cancer to save other people's lives and he ran across canada to raise money for sick kids so they get better health and great families. Terry Fox`s family supported him with all they had and they loved him very much. When Terry Fox was sick his brothers and sister helped a little bit for him to get better.

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