Terry Fox

by Keegan from Calgary

"Somewhere, The Hurting Must Stop"

I chose Terry Fox because he made me realize that you have to make things happen and you have to be determined. I also like the fact that he raised money for cancer research. I also chose Terry Fox because he never gave up, even though he also had cancer. Terry Fox didn’t just sit around and feel sorry for himself; he decided to run across Canada as a fundraiser and that’s why I chose Terry Fox.

Terry and siblings (
Terry and siblings (

Terry Fox was born on July 28, 1958, in Winnepeg, Manitoba. Terrance Stanley Fox was named after his two uncles, one on each side of the family. Terry had an older brother, Fred, a younger brother, Darrell, and a younger sister, Judith. Terry was really into basketball; he liked it alot. Terry even played basketball into college. Halfway through the year Terry was diagnosed with bone cancer and lost his right leg from just above the knee. The night of the amputation, Terry read about an amputeed runner and that's where he thought of his goal.

Terry (
Terry (

Terry Fox started his "Marathon of Hope" in St. John's, Newfoundland on April 12, 1980. Terry Fox ended it on September 1, 1980 in Thunder Bay, Ontario. That's almost 25 years ago. Terry ran over 5300 kilometres at a pace of almost 40 kilometres every day. Even though Terry didn't make it across Canada, he did raise almost $25 million dollars for cancer research.

Many people are thankful that Terry raised so much money for cancer reasearch. Terry didn't do this to be rich or famous; he did it to help somone out with cancer. Terry doesn't want people to go through what he had to. Terry got sick and couldn't complete the run. Even though he didn't run all the way across Canada, he is a hero in my heart.

The Terry Fox Run has inspired people across the world. Every year our school does a fundraiser called Toonies for Terry. Every kid in our school would give a toonie or two for cancer research. We also participate in the Terry Fox Run. This makes me feel honored to be following such an amazing man's dream.

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