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Anne Frank

by Alli

Anne Frank and her family went into hiding in 1942. They were Jews escaping the Nazis. They hid for two years, until August of 1944. They were taken to Berger-Belsen Concentration Camp, where Anne died two days before liberation. Only one of the "Secret Annexe Family" Members lived, Otto Frank, Anne's father. He found the detailed diary that Anne had kept during the time in hiding, and agreed to have it edited and published. Today the diary is availiable in 62 (?) languages and many forms.

Anne is my hero, because she was just a normal, innocent girl, as many persecuted Jews were. She kept a diary full of thoughts much like my own. Her diary is written as if she knew millions would read it, yet she never did know.

I also love Anne Frank because she wasn't perfect, like many girls in books seem to be. You can tell that she wasn't Miss Congieniality of Amsterdam.

Last fall I had the chance to visit de Anne Frank Huis (the Anne Frank House), in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was extremely powerful and moving to see Anne's diary come to live.

The House even has Anne's original diary on display, and the very sink that they used in the Annexe. The house also has kept the wallpaper of movie stars and royalty from Anne's room on the walls, in a case.

I strongly urge you to read the diary and the photo collection, Anne Frank In the World, before visiting any Anne Frank museum. Also rent the movie, The Diary of Anne Frank, starring Millie Perkins and Shelly Winters

Thank you for taking the time to read my hero story. I hope it encourages you to learn more about Anne Frank

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