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Anne Frank

by Kayliee

By Kayliee

Annelies Frank was a normal girl. A Jew. There was only one problem: She grew up in the 1940’s in Frankfurt, Amsterdam. So when Anne was 10, her life was turned upside down. During Anne’s life She did very courageous things. A few for example, are that she went into a crammed living space with several other people. She also stood up for what she thought was right.

Anne Frank was growing up when Adolf Hitler was at his peak with the Nazis. Hitler, who was racist, he sent many Jews to hard working camps called concentration camps and a lot of Jews died because of starvation, disease, and they were gassed. Anne Frank had her ‘family.’ They were the Vann Danns (Mrs. Vann Dann, Mr. Vann Dann, and Peter Vann Dann.) The Franks (Otto, Mrs. Frank, Margot (Margo) Frank, and of course, Anne.) They also had a dentist (Mr. D) that was living in the secret annex they also had a person who wasn’t a Jew Miep Gies.(Meep Hees)

Ann Frank was always supportive in the worst of times. Sometimes she would have to be quiet or not move for hours on end! Also, Mrs. Vann Dann was very pushy, and well, a snobby lady. Anne also knew that at any moment she could be caught. Anne once said: ”I want to go outside and feel the sun and yet I can't show it.” Anne had a lot of obstacles in her life, but the worst one was when she was caught and sent to a mean, old factory breaking batteries.

Anne was a very loving, sensitive girl. Before she went into hiding boys would like to walk home with her and if they asked about her personal info like her dad she would tell him that he couldn’t walk any further or stop walking and wouldn’t go until he apologized.

Anne has been a real heroine through and through. She affected us all because she knew what was right and what was wrong. Some how she made us a more civilized person, not just her, but all the Jews that were killed in the war. We just know Anne Frank better because she had a diary and it got published. But if you think about it, Anne was just one of many girls that had diaries. Anne really didn’t do anything, it was her father and the publishers that did everything. She didn’t know that her diary would be published. She didn’t go around saying, “I’m going to be famous because of my diary.”

After Anne was captured, she died a couple of months later at the age of 15 at Bergen-Belsen. Margot died a couple of days before Anne. The only one alive from the secret annex after they released prisoners was Otto Frank. Miep was planning on giving Anne her diary, but when she heard that Anne had died she gave it to Otto. After reading the diary many times Otto finally decided to get it published. Now if you go to Amsterdam, you can go and see where Anne actually lived once.

Anne had let us into her world: a place where there was cruelty and hatrid for Jews. World War II was probably one of the worst wars ever. Yet Anne got through it all. (Or at least until she died.) I think any one who could go through a war, is much more of a hero than super man. She let us see what her life was, more than that a place that a lot of girls, boys and even adults lived. For five horrible years she was in Hitler’s control.

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