Franklin Delano Roosevelt

by Eric from U.S.A

My hero is Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was born on January 30,1882. He lived on Campobello Island in New York State. He lived with his mother and father, two wealthy, well educated New Yorkers. FDR was well educated himself. He had many tutors

Later on in his life, FDR married a woman named Eleanor Roosevelt, a very distant cousin of FDR. While Roosevelt was vacationing in New Brunswick, he became paralyzed in the legs. He soon found out that he had a terrible sickness called Polio. FDR decided he wanted to run for the Senate of New York. He lost, but never gave up, and ran again and won the second election.

In 1930, FDR decided to run for President. FDR won the election for President in 1932. During his term, FDR created social security for the elderly, and brought the country out of the Great Depression. Then on December 7, 1941 the Japanese empire bombed Pearl Harbor. That bombing started World War II for the U.S.A. FDR calmed America down by saying, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” FDR died before he could see the war end. President Roosevelt was the first and the last President to have served three terms.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is my hero because in spite of his illness he led the United States through a difficult war and showed great courage and bravery. He makes a difference in my life by showing me to follow my dreams no matter what challenges I may face. He is my hero and makes a difference in my life.

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