Ben Franklin

by Jake from Sycamore Junior High

What would the United States be like if Ben Franklin was never born? Ben Franklin made many contributions to the United States. He contributed to the Constitution, made inventions and many other things. Ben Franklin, my hero, dedicated himself to improving the every day life of the U.S. people.

My hero is Ben Franklin, who was born on January 17, 1706, in Boston, Massachusetts. He is one of the Founding Fathers of America. Ben Franklin made many inventions to help improve the lives of people in the United States as well as the whole world. Benjamin Franklin’s inventions are things that still benefit people today. For example, he made the lighting rod to stop lighting from hitting the homes of citizens. He also invented the odometer, a device that records the distance that a vehicle travels, as well as the wooden stove, which allows people to cook things or heat their homes. These inventions continue to assist people with everyday living.

Ben Franklin also influenced the postal service of the United States. He cut the length of time for mail service between major cities in half; he did this by taking the time to study and find newer and quicker delivery routes for the mail carriers who delivered mail by wagons. He identified ways of improving service and better, more direct routes.

Ben Franklin is a hero to others near and far. In the book the Hero’s Trail, by T. A. Barron, a hero to others near and far is described as someone who uses their talents to help those close to them and far away. Ben Franklin contributed to the whole United States with his many inventions, but these inventions also impacted the lives of people in other countries. Also his new and improved postal services have helped people. Now, many people throughout the world can communicate with others faster and better. Ben Franklin’s inventions have been the starting point for many other great inventions such as more advanced eye care, greater use of stoves, and methods of cooking and heating homes.

Ben Franklin, a hero to me and to many others, he has changed the lives of many Americans and people across the world. A hero is someone who takes the courage to step out and help others, and this is what Ben Franklin did. By reading about Ben Franklin’s inventions, it is clear that he is a hero who helped everyone he could and improved the lives of American citizens.

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