Fred Fraundorfer

by Cory from Altoona

Have you ever had a hero? I have and that is my pap, Fred Fraundorfer. Here are some reasons why he is my hero.

To start off, he is a great guy. He is 73 years old and still up and running. Why he makes a good hero is that in the winter he will shovel snow off of his neighbors’ sidewalks for nothing but smiles from the people. He will always build birdhouses. When we needed a birdhouse at my house, he built one for my family, and it is still out in my yard. He loves to garden and he will help other people with their gardens.

He helps people with their problems. I visited him on 11/16/03. I had a problem and he helped me with it. He is a very responsible man. He will never let anything important get lost.

Another reason that he is my hero is that he will donate to the hospital. He will give soda bottle caps to people who can recycle them and use them. Overall, he downright helps the whole block he lives on.

So these are the reasons why I chose my pap as my hero. I hope that your hero is someone like him.

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