Fred Hollows

by Jasio & Anthony from St Bedes

Fred Hollows (
Fred Hollows (

Fred Hollows was born in 1929 New Zealand. He died in 1993, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He was an ophthalmologist (eye doctor).

Fred studied at Oxford University in England for four years then got a job in Australia at an eye hospital in Sydney. Then three years later he became head of the eye department. He treated people who were less fortunate than others. He invented a special machine for operations. He treated a disease called trachoma.

He set up an Aboriginal eye clinic in Sydney and treated 30,000 people with his team. They travelled in the Outback for 3 years. Also he prescribed more than 10,000 glasses.

Fred hollows vision (
Fred hollows vision (

in 1993 he died from cancer in New South Wales, Sydney. A year later a white rose was named after him and was called the Fred Hollows Rose.

He is a hero because he wanted equal rights and believed that everybody should be treated the same way.

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