My Friend is My Hero

by Leli Lestariani from SMAN 5 Bandung

If you ask me, why I choose my leader to be my hero ? there are many reasons to answer that. And now I will tell you more.

First, I would like to introduce who is my leader ? His name is Iqbal Fauzan Muhammad. He is my classmate from second grade until now. At the second grade he is just my classmate instead I never know that he is my leader. But now he becomes my best friend. Sometimes we play together like watching film, accompany him to play futsal, or just go to canteen together.

Secondly, we often go home together not only because our house is near, but also we joined the same tutorial lesson. He is the one of my best friends who knows me better than anyone else. Because, when I have problem, I always tell him. He never feels annoyed when I want to tell him my problem, instead he always gives me a good advice. Sometimes when I fail, he always gives me support that makes me better. Sometimes he tells me things about his life that can teach me how to make my life better.

He is looks more adult than his age, it is why I consider him like my brother. He is very kind, because when I need him he is always there for me. When I have trouble in my lesson, he often helps me like asking me to study together with him. He also looks after me when someone blames me for something. I already consider him like my brother. That’s all of the reasons why I choose him to be my hero. Thank you..

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