Gabrielle Gorman Named MY HERO’S 2015 Student Honoree

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SANTA MONICA, CA - 11/24/15 - Gabrielle Gorman, a senior at New Roads School in Santa Monica, is The MY HERO Project’s Student Honoree at the 2015 Multimedia Festival.  Gorman has produced several thought-provoking short films that touch on issues of racism and self-awareness.  Her film “Bombingham,” a winner at the 2014 MY HERO Film Festival.  Her work has screened at various film festivals.
Gabrielle Gorman - MY HERO's 2015 Student Honoree
Gabrielle Gorman - MY HERO's 2015 Student Honoree
This year, Gorman submitted two short films the the MY HERO International Film Festival.  “A Warm Bath of Complacency” examines ways social inertia works against the fight for justice.  “Dear America,” is a touching story of growing up as a Black American.  It tells of a 14 year old girl whose self-image is so distorted that she does not believe in herself.
“My story is very hard to talk about and it’s very painful and unfortunate but what is even more unfortunate is that it is all too common, “ said Gorman.  “I just want to inspire everyone to see the beauty in each other and let’s create a world where no one has to feel like that.”
Gorman was on hand to receive her award at The MY HERO Project’s 20th Anniversary Celebration and Multimedia Festival, which took place November 21, 2015 at the Herb Alpert Educational Village in Santa Monica.  
“Gabrielle has a unique voice in filmmaking using evocative imagery to inspire deeper thought and social change, said Wendy Milette, director of the MY HERO International Film Festival.  “Her film ‘Dear America’ invites the audience on a deeply personal journey of self-discovery and cultural identity.  Gabrielle's talent is blossoming each year, and I see great promise in her contribution to a better world with her art.”
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