George Eastman

by Andy from Buffalo

Eastman is a hero for lots of things, such as inventing a product that brings happiness and memories to people’s lives. He also treated people well and gave generous amounts of money to charities. He was a modest man who didn’t care about his fame or fortune. Last, he wanted to simplify the process of photography and he was a pioneer of employees. These are some reasons Eastman was a hero.

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Eastman had an early life too. Some things are that he took a vacation and his friend suggested a camera. So Eastman bought one and that’s were he got started in photography. In Eastman’s childhood his dad told him the only way a child learns is by real experience. Eastman was very responsible because when his father got ill and died, each day he went to his banking job, made dinner for his mother, and then worked on photography for the rest of the night. That was some of Eastman’s early life.

Eastman also had some challenges like, when his dry plates were starting to fog and for two years they were fine. After various attempts, he found out that an English supplier changed the source. Also four of Eastman’s employees were planning on stealing his formula and making their own company. Eastman quickly fired all of them. Not everything is easy, I guess, when it comes to running a business.

Here are some traits of George Eastman that are important. During the Depression, many businesses and banks closed. People lost jobs, but he still stayed in business due to his foresight and conservatism (still stayed afloat).

Eastman made photography easier and better for the people. He wanted his products good, with good costumer service and at a low cost. He created thousands of jobs and was a leader in making a better work environment.

Eastman was determined. His dry plates were fogging, but for two years they were fine. So after almost 500 attempts, he finally found out his problem. The English supplier changed the material. This shows that Eastman did not give up. Eastman was also successful. Even during the Depression, Eastman still managed to make a profit by cutting salaries including his. Finally Eastman was generous. He gave employees profit from his company and treated them very well. He also donated millions to charities, such as education, scientific research and health.

Eastman was recognized for his invention with photography. He loved people and gave big donations to worthy charities. The government honored him with a commemorative stamp as a famous American. Eastman got interested in African Americans, so he supported an educational school for them. This is what he got recognized for.

As you can see Eastman was a very generous man who didn’t care about his fame or fortune. He wanted to make life easier so he invented a new type of product. He was very risky in business, but still kept his business afloat. Last is that he was a very thoughtful man. He gave generous amounts of money to charities and to schools. I hope you enjoyed my biography on George Eastman.

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