George Enescu

by Alexandru Cucu from Galati, Romania

George Enescu was born in 1881 in Liveni, Romania. His parents were Maria and Costache Enescu. When he was four years old, he could play the violin and, at five, he created his first musical composition. After that, his father presented him to Eduard Caudella, a famous professor and composer at that time. He was considered to be a genius in music.

George Enescu<br>(
George Enescu

He was born in Romania, but most of his life he lived in Paris, France. Apart from being a composer, he was also a violinist, a pianist and an orchestra conductor.

Enescu playing the violin<br>(
Enescu playing the violin

Almost all his musical works were inspired from folklore themes and one can feel his love for the Romanian people when listening to his symphonies. His most famous compositions are Romanian Rhapsodies and the opera Oedipe. I admire him because of his great talent and creativity.

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