Green Lantern

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My hero is Hal Jordan, otherwise none as the Green Lantern. Hal Jordan was a Captain in the USA Air Force and lived in Coast City, when he mysteriously transported to a crashed spaceship. He met Abin Sur, a Green Lantern of sector 2814 who was injured from the crash, and offered Hal the opportunity to succeed him. With some consideration Hal Jordan accepted. 

The Green Lantern is a brotherhood that breaks up into designated sectors that the Green Lanterns are responsible of protecting against various threats. The Green Lanterns wear a green ring, which gave them the power of will, whatever they could think of, whatever they wanted they could create. The power of will is considered the most powerful because if you want something, you can get it. It is powered from the planet, "Oa" where the Green Lantern Corps was created by the Guardians. The downside to the rings is that they do not have unlimited power. Along with the ring comes a green lantern, and the wielder of the ring puts it inside of the lantern and says the Green Lantern oath, "In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power... GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT!" After the Green Lantern says the oath, the ring is restored back to full power.  

The Green Lanterns were hesitant to accept Hal Jordan into their society because he had very big shoes to fill, seeing as how late Abin Sur was portrayed as the greatest Green Lantern of all. Hal, being human, had a bad reputation, along with all human race. 

Hal undertook training from Kilowog, the drill sergeant of the corps, and Sinestro who was responsible from sector 1417. Sinestro taught Jordan that fear makes you hesitate, hesitate and you don't act, don't act and you will never succeed. Hal Jordan has defended the Universe and many times, however arguably none as important as when he was one of the leading heroes during the universal attack, The Blackest Night. The Black Lantern corps started raising the dead back to life. They had the intent to systematically wipe out all life in the universe. Hal Jordan, along with other warriors managed to defeat the Black Lantern corps in their intent to destroy all life in the universe.

Hal Jordan is my hero because he teaches people that superiors are to be respected, not feared, and that sometimes you must act out of what you feel is right in order to accomplish something great.  Hal Jordan has overcome his fears, he fights for what he believes in, and he helps people without asking anything in return. 

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