Literary Heroes

Green Lantern

by Jeremy from Wolfforth, Texas

Hal Jordan - 2814 ( (Ethan Van Sciver))
Hal Jordan - 2814 ( (Ethan Van Sciver))

My hero is Harold "Hal" Jordan, a former Captain in the United States Air Force, an officer in the Green Lantern Corps, and Green Lantern of Sector 2814, and he is my hero for three main reasons: he overcomes his fears, he is courageous, and he fights for what he believes in. Through these three characteristics, he has managed to save the universe countless times, and overcome the corruption of evil and fear.

Hal Jordan began his career in the Green Lantern Corps when Abin Sur, the former Green Lantern of Sector 2814, was attacked and his ship crashed on Earth. He sent his ring on a mission to locate the sentient being with the most willpower and the ability to overcome great fear. The ring chose Hal Jordan. Immediately, Jordan was trained by Kilowog, the drill sergeant of the corps, and Sinestro, Green Lantern of 1417 and the proclaimed "Greatest Green Lantern". Sinestro told Jordan that he "must not challenge those superior to you." Jordan, with a smirk, replied, "Yea, I'm gonna have a problem with that." Jordan is not afraid of his superiors, and shows me that superiors are to be respected, but never feared. Fear makes you hesitate, hesitate and you don't act, don't act and you will never succeed.

Hal Jordan was one of the main heroes during the universal attack, The Blackest Night. The Black Lantern Corps was raising the dead back to life. Their intent was to systematically wipe out all life in the universe. Hal Jordan, along with Sinestro of the Sinestro Corps, Carol Ferris, his former girlfriend and member of the Star Sapphires, Agent Orange, Atrocitus of the Red Lantern Corps, Saint Bro'Dee Walker of the Blue Lantern Corps, and Indigo-1 from the Indigo Tribe, managed to thwart the evil of the Black Lanterns and their leader, Nekron, and save the universe. Hal Jordan showed just how courageous he can be in the moment of need. He is constantly teaching me that courage comes from within yourself, and from your allies.

The leaders of the Green Lantern Corps, the Guardians of the Universe, use their self-proclaimed nobility to use the Green Lanterns as their puppets. To never disobey orders, or think freely outside of the guardians mindset. Hal Jordan acts as he sees fit in order to unite the separate Corps', and save the universe, and to save billions of lives in the process. He teaches me that you must, on occasion, act of your own gut feeling in order to save your life, and the lives of others. He is a true hero.

In conclusion, I want to end with the oath that Hal Jordan lives by:
In brightest day,
In blackest night
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might
Beware my power --
Green Lanterns Light!

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