Golda Meir

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Golda Meir ( ())
Golda Meir ( ())

Golda Meir: A True Hero

"Whatever happened now, whatever price any of us would have to pay for it, we had re-created the Jewish national home.  The long exile was over.  From this day on we would no longer live on sufferance in the land of our forefathers.  Now we were a nation like other nations, ... The dream had come true" (Meir).  After years of hard work and fighting, she had finally reached her goal.  Golda Meir was born Born May 3, 1898 in Kiev, Russia, and died December 8, 1978 in Jerusalem, Israel.  Her life's work was dedicated to founding a Jewish State.  A place where Jews all over the world could come and live; free of antisemitism and judgment of religion. A place Jews could call their homeland.  Golda Meir also strived for peace in the Middle East.  She diligently worked on encouraging other people to join her cause and brought others to the table to help her accomplish her dream.   A hero must possess the leadership necessary to both influence and unite people and have the willpower to persevere through even the toughest hurdles. By empowering and unifying people through her leadership, and accomplishing arduous goals by persevering through obstacles, Golda Meir has earned the title of  "Hero".  

Golda Meir with President Nixon ( ())
Golda Meir with President Nixon ( ())

Golda Meir exhibited many characteristics of a leader and hence, was able to influence and bring people together.  In 1969, Meir was elected as Israel's fourth prime minister.  Already, by the time she was elected, "she had more than forty-five years of political experience...As prime minister Meir proved to be a strong unifying force for Israel; she was never outvoted among her cabinet on major issues. ("Golda Meir" UXL Biographies).  Golda Meir had many years of political experience when she accepted the role of prime minister of Israel.  Through her interpersonal skills and ability to influence prominent people, she was able to unify the country of Israel and help strengthen its Government.  Though she was a firm and strong leader, she was also kind and, "The citizens saw her 'as a kind of Mother Courage, radiating confidence and faith.'" ("Golda Meir" UXL Biographies).  She was both a loving and well-respected leader that was not only able to gain the trust of her own country men but also she managed to influence many men and women from different nations and earn their respect as well. Such qualities helped her bring support to the state of Israel that was facing a lot of political unrest and Arab attacks.   "As prime minister, Meir advocated a strong defense. She persuaded U.S. president Richard Nixon to send arms to protect Israel against an Arab attack" (Axelrod-Contrada). Golda worked tirelessly into long nights, neglecting her own family at times, to do what she considered best for the nation as a whole.  She always put the state of Israel above her own needs and had such expectations from the members of her cabinet as well.  People looked to Golda for guidance and inspiration.This is how, "Six months after taking office, Meir led the reconfigured Alignment, comprising Labor and Mapam, into the 1969 general election. The Alignment managed what is still the best showing for a single party or faction in Israeli history, winning 56 seats-the only time a party or faction has even approached winning an outright majority in an election. The national unity government was retained" (Erez).  Unity of an entire country can only be achieved through good leadership, dedication, and inspiration, and that is what Golda Meir provided to the country of Israel.  She was not afraid to step out of her comfort zone and fight for what she believed in and she was able to use her skills to open others eyes and bring them together.  Golda Meir is a hero due to the fact that she possessed all the qualities inherent in a leader. () ()

Meir never gave up on her dreams despite the difficulties and hardships that laid in their path to accomplishment. While in office as the prime minister of Israel, Golda Meir was given many sobriquets which portrayed her character.  For instance,  "...she was described as the 'Iron Lady'...Former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion used to call Meir 'the best man in the government'; she was often portrayed as... 'strong-willed,...'" (Erez).  Golda Meir sported many nicknames that showed her personality.  She was resilient and stood her ground when she believed something was right for the country of Israel and its people. Those around her acknowledged her perseverance and hard working nature by creating these names.  Another name she received was when, "...Critics of her strong stance called her 'intransigent,' which means refusing to compromise. She joked that intransigent had become her middle name" (Axelrod-Contrada).  This further proves that she never gave up on her country, her people, or her iron will and persevered through the many obstacles in her path.  She was a hard working woman whose determination and resilience put every goal within reach.  Golda had always dreamt of a place where Jews could live free of anti semitism and persecution. "Since her childhood in a poor Ukrainian Jewish family facing persecution, Golda Meir dreamed of a homeland for her people.'"("Golda Meir" UXL Biographies).  Mier had others in her heart and a determined attitude in her mind.  She would not give up on her aspirations.  Golda Meir always wanted to help others, and through perseverance, she eventually helped found "a place where Jews could be 'masters, not victims, of their fate.'" ("Golda Meir" UXL Biographies).  She made it through obstacles that no one else could endure, and was able to accomplish her goals. She was a strong willed woman whose determination was formidable. She had worked, selflessly, for years and overcame many difficulties, failures, and successes before she was able to help found the state of Israel. This was a dream that had consumed her all her life.Unlike others before her, she never once, thought to give in to doubts.  Once the day finally came she said, "The state of Israel!  My eyes filled with tears, and my hands shook.  We had done it.  We had brought the jewish state into existence-- and I Golda Mabovitch Meyerson, had lived to see the day" (Meir).  Golda had finally reached her goal. But, this was only the beginning of new dreams for the future of Israel.  Meir conquered many obstacles, but not once did she give up her goal, even when others considered it impossible to accomplish.   Golda Meir made her hopes and dreams and those of others a reality by founding the state of Israel,  through her heroism.  

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A true hero, is what we can call Golda Meir; a hard working, resilient woman who persevered through numerous obstacles, and lead and unified a country. Golda Meir dreamed of a place where Jews could live free of antisemitism and judgment of their culture.  She achieved this dream through her leadership and perseverance.  She was able to unify a country and overcome many hurdles that were blocking the path to her goal.  Golda Meir is an Inspiration,  because she overcame challenges and was able to help the country and people that she loved. Golda Meir did not start her life on a good note: "During Meir's childhood she experienced anti-Semitism-hatred of Jews. She was born Golda Mabovitch on December 8, 1898 in Kiev, Ukraine; she lived with her parents, Moshe, a carpenter, and his wife, Blume, for the first eight years of her life among Cossacks, cavalry men in the czar's army, and peasants who scorned the Jews..." ("Golda Meir" UXL Biographies).  Meir was not born into a wealthy or well off family and had to live through hatred of her religion.  By persevering through the hard times and holding onto her dreams and goals, she was able to help in the founding of the state of Israel and even became prime minister.  Golda Meir was never after vengeance and did not act out of hate.  She was simply determined to create a safe place where those who were oppressed and hurt for their cultural beliefs, could be accepted for who they were and live free of judgment and antisemitism.  She brought people together and persevered through obstacles, and in the end, managed to create the safe haven that is today, the state of Israel. This is why Golda Meir is considered a hero.  

Meir on the cover of TIME Magazine (,16641,196909 ())
Meir on the cover of TIME Magazine (,16641,196909 ())

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