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Georgia O'Keeffe

by Adrian from Buffalo

Georgia O'Keeffe (
Georgia O'Keeffe (

This is why she is a hero. Georgia O’ Keefe was a painter. Even though not many people liked her paintings in her lifetime, she was recognized as one of the best painters in the 20th century.

She had an interesting early life. She was born in Wisconsin November 15, 1887. At age 7, she painted a ‘’Red Canna’’, a kind of flower. Georgia was the second child born in her family. Mom gave her drawing books and painting lessons. In 1926, she painted a ‘’Shell and shingle’’, a mindscape. In age 14, she went to boarding school. She even once moved to Virginia. That is the early life.

There are some challenges she faced. Georgia O’ Keefe tried to attend school at Lake George but couldn’t continue because her family was poor. When it comes to money, they had next to nothing. She continued to work as a painter. That way, she could make more money. Another challenge she faced was Typhoid fever. It put her back a year in school. Those were some problems she had.

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Ram's Head (

Georgia O’ Keefe made many contributions to the world. She was known by many people as the greatest living painter. She could manage to change the way we look at things. An example could be, cow skulls. She made cow skulls look interesting. She made flower paintings, pelvis paintings, paintings of abstractions and all kinds of things.

Her awards may have been that she was hired to paint or have sold some paintings, in that case, the award was money. You know how precious money is. Now her paintings are at art galleries and art museums in New York, Illinois, New Mexico, Missouri, Florida and Indiana. That is a good reward but I don’t think she was still alive at that time.

She never gave up, meaning, people may have disliked her work but she still kept trying. She worked hard and at least sold 65 paintings and 50 of them were oil on canvas.

She probably sold 100 paintings. Oil paints are hard to work with. Others wore fancy dresses she wore plain dresses. She didn’t want to be like everyone else. She had an independent style. She was her own person.

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