George N. Parks

by Julie from Lowell

Professor George N. Parks <br>(
Professor George N. Parks

For 29 years, Professor of Music, George N. Parks, has captivated college and high school band students alike, and he is my personal hero. He is the director of the UMASS Amherst Minuteman Marching Band, and has developed enthusiastic teaching methods that inspire his students to be energetic and outgoing.

Mr. Parks has also won awards as a band member and a Drum Major in DCI (Drum Corp International) contests and championships. He has even been inducted into the World Drum Corp Hall of Fame. George Park’s success as a band student and drum major has inspired many band students such as myself to try their hardest and have fun with the musical talents they have.

As a teacher, Professor Parks instructs his 300 member marching band. Every time they go out onto the field to perform, they stun the entire audience. Their sound and energy can be heard and felt by everyone. It truly inspires me to try and be a better musician, with the hope that someday I could be among them.

His success as a former band student and current teacher has also led him to develop a summer camp for student drum majors. I attended this camp last summer and it truly inspired me in many ways. In the camp, George Parks and his staff of music major college students strived to teach the high school kids the importance of discipline and leadership. I learned that to gain the respect of the kids I work with, I must first show them respect. Mr. Parks showed us this firsthand. We also learned about our positions as drum major by teaching and instructing each other on the ideals we were taught by Parks and his staff. By instructing each other on marching and conducting skills, we not only helped ourselves to learn them better, but we also developed keen social skills, and made many new friends. George N. Parks is a hero to all students and musicians.

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