Ghanshyam Patel

by Param

     My modern day hero is my grandpa. His name is Ghanshyam Patel. My grandpa is my mom's father. I call him Dada, which is Indian for grandpa. Dada was born in India. In his Mid 30's he moved to America. At the moment he lives in Southbridge. I've known and loved Dada since I was 3. This is a little bit about Dada.

     Dada is a hero to me for many reasons. First, if I'm in trouble with my mom he'll try to soften the punishment up for me. Second, whenever he comes to my house he gladly waters our plants. That makes me delighted because that's one less thing to do. Third, when my family is going to redo the lawn and plant new flowers he will come and help my family so it gets done very quickly. Fourth, whenever I go to his house and I look down he will offer me food and drinks to cheer me up. After I eat he will talk to me so I have company. Finally, when my family is going through tough times he will come and sit with my family, eat with my family, and even talk with us so we feel better. This is why Dada is my hero.

    Dada has many differences from and similarities to the ancient Greek heroes. One similarity of Dada and Greek heroes is Dada is intelligent like Odysseus. Second, Dada is brave like Heracles. There are a few differences between ancient Greek heroes and Dada. He isn't as strong as Heracles. Second, Dada is adventurous but not as much into adventure as Jason. Dada might not be as strong as Heracles but he is still my hero.

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