Gene Roddenberry

by Justin

Portrait Of Gean Roddenberry ( (Daniel R. Snyder))
Portrait Of Gean Roddenberry ( (Daniel R. Snyder))

Gene Roddenberry was a very innovative man who created the "Star Trek" community. He was one of the first people who revealed new concepts and ideas.  Gene Roddenberry is my hero because he was creative, courageous, and inspirational. He showed us that no matter what society thinks anything can be accomplished with the right attitude and enough effort. This is why his name will forever live on in the Hollywood Stars of Fame, in museums across the world, in me, and in the minds and hearts of the millions that he affected. 

Gene Roddenberry was very creative in his thinking. He envisioned space travel as possible. Space travel was demonstrated through theories thought up by a unique group of intelligent people spear headed by him. To show people that these theories could be a reality he put them to actual use in his television shows. He came up with many innovative ideas like Spaceships, Transporters, Dematerialization, and aliens coexisting with humans. These ideas pioneered the space exploration frontier with ground breaking theories that actually explain some key answers to some of our most pondered questions. Some of his answers consisted of a reasonable way to travel at the speed of light utilizing a sufficient power source.  His ideas of space travel included traveling to other planets, seeking new life and understanding, learning, but not interfering with species that could not travel faster than light. In preparation for space travel he came up with a "Prime Directive" to guide humanity in a safe fashion through space. He created the "Prime Directive" to advise humans what can and cannot be done, so that we wouldn't harm ourselves or unintentionally harm others. Gene Roddenberry's creative thinking has taught humanity many valuable lessons.

This man is the most courageous person I wish I could have had the pleasure of knowing. Not only did he fight for equal rights for women and African Americans, but he did so through a peaceful non violent way. Not only did he break stereotypes, but he used his impeccable intellect to create cutting edge science fiction that can still blow you out of this galaxy. He was so inspired that he wrote "Star Trek" until the very day he died. To this very day people are inspired to continue to write about his extraordinary ideas. In fact most of his ideas were cancelled or were declined because of inappropriate content (ex: black women and white men working together on an equal level.)Many still look up to him, like me and are inspired by his ideas every day and reminded of his superb accomplishments. He was told that women were not allowed to be a higher rank than men or serve in the military. Why shouldn't women serve in the military? What's wrong with that? So instead of ranting or yelling about it, he did one simple thing, put a woman in the military and starred her in "Star Trek".  Her name is Nichelle Nichols, she stood for a race and gender thought to be lesser and showed people that equality has no boundaries.  Black women sitting on the bridge of a starship giving men orders was crazy, but it happened. She helped pilot a generation of people who believed that equality is right. GeneRoddenberry pushed the envelope when he had Nichelle Nichols and William Shatner kiss which was one of the most controversial moments in "Star Trek".  The generation that witnessed this episode will never forget it and many supported Gene Rodenberry's doctrine.  A better opportunity for the future was introduced in a peaceful way due to his innovative thought. He was one many admired because of his bravery and willingness to keep on fighting for justice.

            Gene Roddenberry showed that with a good will and effort anything can be achieved which is why so many of our greatest minds were inspired by him. Gene  aspired to be more than the average person and he wouldn't let others get in his way. He changed life as we know it to the point where the first episode of "Star Trek" is considered a national treasure and is in the Smithsonian Museum. He even taught and gave speeches at NASA which encouraged others to make a better tomorrow.  Gene Rodenberry gave a speech to engineers around the world about space shuttles and their design.  People like our world's leading scientists and engineers were motivated by his ideas to learn more about technology and aeronautics. Not only did he inspire shuttles, but our advanced voice recognition. His famed starship computers were capable of understanding human language and perceiving it as real commands. People's ideas of AI (artificial intelligence) technology were very primitive, but because of his advance thinking our electronic devices are now more alive than we imagine. Such as Windows 7 voice recognition. These are the famed accomplishments that many strive to surpass which makes this man so legendary.

This man was very impressive and although he did not live long and died at the age of 70, people will remember him for a lifetime.  He only wanted what was beneficial to human kind. He lived in a time of war and communism. He couldn't openly voice his opinions because we were too arrogant to hear the voice of reason. So he got through to us with television. He made a big impact in our everyday life and how we perceive others. Although many of us do not feel the influence of this great man, he left one and I hope after reading this no one will forget it. The impact and overall difference in my life has made him my hero and big benefactor in my judgment and how I view the people and community around me. Not only has he taught me about space and engineering, but he has inspired me to be my best. He even used real theories that are being put to the test today. Seeing space ships wiz across the television screen, believe it or not has changed my life. A man with a big dream, an open mind and a pure heart can make a big difference on anyone willing to listen. "It is the struggle itself that is most important. We must strive to be more than we are.  It does not matter that we will not reach our ultimate goal. The effort itself yields its own reward."

Gene Roddenberry

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