Grigore Vieru

by Ecaterina from village Taraclia

In spite of the fact that Moldova is a small country , we, its citizens, are proud because we have a lot of heroes! Due to their activity our country is well- known in the whole world.

I consider Grigore Vieru a veritable personality for this post! He was born in 1935 in the village Pererita, in the Briceni District. His parents were farmers. In spite of the situation of his family , he was an intelligent child, with a great motivation for studying. After finishing the village school, he entered and graduated The Pedagogical University " Ion Creanga" from Chisinau. He debuted in 1957 with a poem book for children. His original poems were translated into Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Tajik, Turkmen.

In his poems he depicted the beauty of our country, the simplicity of the people, the fascinate sites of the nature. The most venerated character in the poems is the character of his mother. He shows us how must we be respectful and thankful to our parents - the spring of our life. Grigore Vieru was an optimist poet, a men who believed in the harmony of the human relationships, in the clarity of the soul, in the deep faith of people.

In one of his poem about death he says; "I am not afraid of you, Death. I feel sorry for you. Because you didn't have mother, Because you didn't have children." (The poem " Nu am moarte cu tine nimic" Grigore Vieru ) He died after a serious car accident on January 16th 2009. It is an immense lost for our country! His talent will guide to the future, to the moral and spiritual harmony on Earth!

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