Gaia Moore

by Kelsey from Alaska

"I am powerful. I am graceful. I am angry. I am pure. I am raw. I am alone. I am Gaia. I am just like you. But I'm not--I'm Fearless."
17 year old Gaia Moore (
17 year old Gaia Moore (

Gaia Moore is a fictional hero from the fearless series. She lives in nowadays New York City with her foster family. She fights crime and saves lives. She is brave, protective, smart, vengeful, strong, motivated, hard working, self reliant, trained, tough, and fearless. She sees that the innocent are protected and the guilty get what they deserve. Her attitude isn't what you think a hero's would be with her tough attitude, seemingly uncaring, her reckless and often selfishness when it comes to what she wants. Once she sets her mind to something there is no stopping her no matter what you do. When it comes to right and wrong there isn't really a grey area for her.

Gaia has saved lives and often times has put her own life in serious danger in the process. She has busted drug deals that would have ended in some one being shot, she has helped people who are being robbed, and has stopped many criminals resulting in many lives being saved. Her way of dealing with "bad guys is fighting" and she is able to help people and often times had to save her own life by being fearless so she is able to keep calm, figure out the situation and the best way to handle it. No matter what though she does not kill because for her there is a fine line between being a protector and being a cold blooded killer.

<a href=>From the Fearless Series Books</a>
From the Fearless Series Books

Gaia more lives in modern times in New York City. Everything from the coffee stands and fast food everywhere to the endless night time crimes and murders taking place or that would take place if she was not there to help prevent them. But like any hero she does make mistakes or makes a reckless decisions putting her friends' feelings last.

Gaia Moore is brave, protective, smart, vengeful, strong, motivated, hard working, self reliant, highly trained, and tough. How is she all these and why does this make her a hero? She's brave because she was born with out the fear gene and she fights crime and saves lives with out any hesitation or thinking twice. She's protective because she keeps the innocent safe, helps the helpless, and make sure criminals get exactly what they deserve. She is very street smart and can handle herself on the streets of New York City and can handle herself in any situation. She is also very well rounded in education and is fluent in several different languages. She is strong because she was born without the fear gene there is nothing holding her back and so she is abnormally strong and uses this to fight crime and protect. She is also vengeful, a trait you don't think of a hero having but in Gaia's case this one of the main traits that make her a hero; fueled by anger and wanting justice she is not afraid to hold back or beat a criminal up in order to get it "Prey on the weak you're even weaker, prey on the old you're a coward, prey on the young you're pathetic, prey on my friends and you're history." She is motivated because whether it is to release rage, save someone, or she's just bored, she loves the fighting and dealing out some justice. She is hardworking because once her mind is made up about something there is no stopping her until she gets it and she never gives up on what she wants, even it means she could die. She is highly trained because since she was young she's been trained in many forms of fighting and self defense and has learned how to control her strength and hide/ put aside emotion and has made herself a deadly weapon. She is very self-reliant because as a child and growing up she's been pretty much on her own and she can fend for herself and doesn't need people to take care of her.

<a href=>Gaia Fearless</a>
Gaia Fearless

Gaia Moore is not your classic definition of a hero but in her own tough, self- reliant, rebellious, reckless attitude, she is one. I see her as a hero because she is very loyal to her friends and she's not afraid of anything. She knows how to stand up for what is right and doesn't let people boss her around. She gets angry and selfish at times but in the end she's saving lives and making it through. Even though her life is really hard and she doesn't complain. She deals and makes life safer and better.

I used my memory of the books that I've read so far in the fearless series and how I remember Gaia was. I also used several online sources to get pictures and additional information and I credited these sorrces below.

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"Prey on the old and you're a coward. Prey on the young and you're pathetic. Prey on the weak and you're even weaker. Prey on my friends... and you're history." --Htt://

Author Info

Gaia Moore lives nowadays in New York City. She was born without the fear gene making her unable to feel fear. As a result she is almost super human strong. Since she was little her father trained her in every kind of hand to hand combat and self-defense. He also made sure she was well educated in language and culture and by 2nd grade she was fluent in several different languages. Her mother was murdered when she was young and on that same night her father left with out any explanation. Gaia was sent to live with foster parents and her foster mom hated her. Gaia as a result of this became very self-reliant and independent, angry, and hard. Gaia tended to keep to herself and isn't very trusting and has only 1 friend named Ed. She sticks up for herself and doesn't let people boss her around. She uses her anger as a weapon and her strength to protect the innocent and helpless by fighting criminals "teaching them a lesson." She's not your classic hero or even what you would immediately think of when you hear the word hero, but Gaia Moore is most definitely a hero.