Gaia Moore

by tess from san diego

Gaia Moore is a fictional character from the series Fearless by Francine Pascal. Gaia Moore is fearless. When she was born she had no fear gene and so she will never know what it is like to feel fear. Her father taught her how to defend herself. She is a sharpshooter and fluent in 7 different languages. She can flip a 200-pound man over her shoulder. Gaia is a walking ambush, but there are many more things in her life besides being fearless that she overcomes.

Gaia Moore is my hero because she can overcome almost anything. She lost her mother because her uncle killed her and then had her father leave her. She also had to deal with losing her best friend and her boyfriend all because her uncle wants to get his hands on her to clone her and then sell the clones. Gaia is my hero because she is brave even though she doesn't know it. She is strong in way beyond her physical strength. She doesn't know that she has been able to overcome everything that has come her way with strength and courage. This is why Gaia Moore is my hero.

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