Teachers Heroes

Catherine Gainey

by Iesha from Colorado City

1.A hero helps you become who you are.

2.A hero displays courage.

3.A hero helps you realize the importance of life.

4.A hero understands and believes in what you do.

5.A hero helps you accomplish goals in life.

My hero, Mrs. Gainey, who is originally from Plainview, Texas, moved to Colorado City to continue her career as a 3rd grade teacher. She has settled in a nice home with her husband Coach Dan Gainey, and her three boys Daniel, Derrek, and Dillon.

Mrs. Gainey has helped me become the person I am today. My attitude changed over the year. I was able to speak and communicate with others. We had big lesson talks about how I can change in many ways to help me accomplish more in the future. For example, a new student had arrived at Hutchinson Elementary, I thought to myself I don’t really like her. As days passed by I was being furiously rude to her. I was pulled aside by Mrs. Gainey to talk about how I mistreated this new student. With the great encouraging voice of Mrs. Gainey, me and Amber became best friends in the end. I learned many valuable lessons which have helped me in the long run on how I should respect others as well as respecting my wishes. I also learned to never take advantage of others you know nothing about.

Mrs. Gainey doesn’t only pay attention to just her work, family, students, and friends, but to everybody around her. Stranger or no stranger she gives courage however she can, she’s there. Not only did she get to know her peers she helped a great deal, as she did for me. Everyday as I walked through the classroom, she smiled with delight to see her students. Anybody can come and talk about non-personal problems and can always succeed to get through their hard times.

I thought that my life would be a complete failure if I didn’t show enough respect in others or myself, but Mrs. Gainey helped me open my eyes and see that you should always believe in yourself. I failed at a point that I missed out on what I cherish the most, basketball. She told me to work hard at what I love, and now I accomplished more in life with my talent.

Anybody can be a hero whether or not you try to be. You’ll always be a hero to someone everyday in life. It doesn’t really matter if you know you are, you’re a HERO!!!!! I am proud to call Mrs. Catherine Gainey my hero for helping me get through life.

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