by Spencer from Spanish Fork

Throughout his life, Gandalf faced many challenges and great opposition. However, through all this, he displayed strong character, and high moral values.  He gained extensive knowledge and was very wise.  He gained great power and respect, however he was very selfless and humble.  He accomplished many things throughout his life, nearly all of which were not for himself.  Near the end, he sacrificed his life for eight of his friends, however by doing this he became wiser and more powerful.  I admire Gandalf for his selflessness, wisdom, accomplishments and character.

Although constantly faced with challenges and opposition, Gandalf stubbornly resisted. He upheld what he knew was right and was revered and respected for this. However, there were many who wished to destroy him. He faced Saruman and Sauron, wizards more powerful than himself, and (with many others) defeated them. Doing this was not for him only for him, it was for all inhabitants of Middle Earth. He was given opportunity to back down, and even to join Sauron and Saruman, but he denied, and he suffered for it; however ultimately he defeated them. I greatly admire his display of self control, and character.

Furthermore, Gandalf saw the value and importance of knowledge and wisdom. Educating himself, and being taught by the elves, Gandalf became immensely wise and knowledgeable. He was very intelligent, and thus made excellent judgements in acts, words, and timing. Part of his knowledge was learning the needs of others. He ultimately saved MIddle Earth from corruption and destruction. In addition to his intellect, Gandalf gained incredible power. Although most powerful in the last four years of his time in Middle Earth, throughout his life he became very powerful. These qualities show his worth, and they are what I find most admirable about Gandalf.

Among his greatest qualities, Gandalf was humble and selfless. He was very respected and revered by many elves, men, and dwarves. The elves knew his greatness from the beginning. However through this he was very humble, he knew his abilities, but did not glory in them. In addition, he was selfless in everything he did. Even down to his own life. He sacrificed himself for eight others; however by doing this, he became more powerful than before. This is when he became Gandalf the White. These qualities further prove his heroism.

Gandalf is my hero because of his character, wisdom, accomplishments, and humility. Displaying these qualities throughout his life, he is very respectable and admirable. He accomplished incredible things, and gained power and knowledge. He sacrificed everything for others. This is why Gandalf is my hero.

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