by Noah from Cortez

A problem pressing our world in the early 20th century is racism against Indians. Mahatma Gandhi was a social and political leader who struggled to fight racism. Racism is making fun of people's skin color. In South Africa Indians were being subjugated because of racism. Gandhi helped fight racism, because Indians were being treated unfairly. They had to work in mines, and sugar plantations. This lifestyle is unfair because they were working there but they didn't want to work there. They were forced to work there and if they didn't they could get executed or go to jail. Gandhi decided to help solve this problem by using nonviolence, passion and tolerance.

Gandhi taught me that everyone should fight nonviolently. This is important to me because everyone should be free and no one should be made fun of because of their skin color.

I'm going to leave behind a legacy like Gandhi by taking care of other people around me. This could be a solution to the problem because everyone should be treated fairly. "Be the change you wish to see in this world." -Gandhi

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