Bill Gates

by Nadine from Hildesheim

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Bill Gates

My hero is William Bill Henry Gates. He was born 28 October in 1955, as a second child of about third children. He is an US-American programmer and an entrepreneur. Paul Allen and Bill gates founded the Microsoft Corporation in 1975.

He collected his first computer attainments at the age of thirteen years at high school. Together with his school friend Paul Allen he learned the computer language ‘Basic’ and that program is the basic of all programs. With that knowledge he founded his first company ‘Traf-O-Data’. They developed a new system. With this system you can measure different traffic volume. They made 20,000 dollars with that program.

Gates studied at Harvard University in the year 1973. At this university he got to know his later business partner Steve Ballmer. With Allen he developed a new BASIC-Interpreter for the new home computer Attair 8800 in December 1974. In 1975 Gates dropped out of university, to dedicate himself only for his own company ‘Microsoft Corporation’. Steve Ballmer took over the job as Executive Office in the year 2000. On the 15 June 2006 Bill Gates announced, that he retired from the daily business, because he wanted to spend his time now for his organisation for charitable aims.

Bill has been married with Melinda French since 1994. Melinda French is a programmer, too. They have two daughters, Jennifer Katharine Gates born in 1996 and Phoebe Adele Gates, born in 2002, and a son, Rory John Gates, born in 1999. He lives with his family in Media at the Lake Washington.

Bill Gates is a proprietor of the biggest photography agency all over the world, it is called Corbis. Since ten years in series he is proclaimed to be the richest person of the world and he is the most respected entrepreneur. In 2006 his whole fortune is estimated about 50 billion dollars. Bill and his wife have donated over 7,5 billion dollars to Asia and Africa for medical purposes like vaccines and other resources. The aim of this organisation is to fight malaria. Till his death he will donate 90 to 95 per cent of his whole fortune. Together his children will inherit approximately 10 billion US-dollars. He was knighted by the Queen, because of his support for the poor and the sick.

Bill Gates is my hero. He is a very impressive person. I think the Microsoft is a good invention for humanity.

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