Bill Gates

by Justin from Arcadia

Bill Gates is not only famous but also a hero. He has a very interesting life. He made materials on computers to make it easier for other people. He is also a hero because he donated billions of dollars to charity. I look up to Bill Gates.

You know Bill Gates made Microsoft but here are more facts. Bill Gates birthplace is Seattle, Washington on 10/28/1955. His job is to be in charge of the Microsoft Company. He made all kinds of tools for computers. He is one of the richest men in the world.

You know Bill Gates made Microsoft but this is how he made it. Bill Gates went to Harvard University in 1973 as a freshman; while Bill Gates was at Harvard he developed a version of a programming language develop for the first microcomputer, MITS Altair. In his junior years he left college to devote his time to Microsoft. The company was made in 1975 with his childhood friend Paul Allen. Bill Gates improved Microsoft and earned 8.2 billion dollars.

He made all kinds of donations to charity. His foundation has donated about $5 billion to developing nations to fight AIDS and malaria. Its vaccination programs in poor countries are credited with saving at least 700,000 lives. Another emphasis of the foundation is on education; it sponsors the largest scholarship fund in history. Bill Gates donated 3.6 to a health foundation.

In summary, Bill Gates is a hero and he has an interesting life, he made Microsoft and gave money to charity. We are lucky because he made Microsoft and he donated money to charity.

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