William Henry Gates III

by Valeria from Mexico

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Bill Gates

“ I believe that if you are intelligent and know how to apply your intelligence you can accomplish anything. That was Bill Gates at the very beginning of his career, and because of that I feel a certain connection to him, because I do believe that too. He inspires me to try hard in those moments that I feel like giving up.

Bill was born in Seattle, Washington on October 28th, 1955. Everyone thought that William would be a lawyer just like his father but he had multiple qualities that a passionate person would have to succeed in life. Soon young Bill discovered his interest in software and he began programming his own computers.

In 1975 Bill finally took the big step and started designing his company, Microsoft. Bill deserves everybody’s respect because he proved to the world that you can be whoever you want to be if only you put a little effort and dedication in it.

Even though he comes from a wealthy family, Bill had to work a lot to have what he has. I find Bill as a motivation for me. When I grow up and have my own career, I’m sure that I will think about him and all he has done and I will improve until I will be a very important business woman. Maybe not as rich and famous as him, but with the same knowledge and values that he has.

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