Bill Gates

by Adolfo from Tampico

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

I chose Bill Gates as my role model because he made computer handling easier and more practical for everyone. He created Microsoft. Also because he had the ability of knowing what the future will be in terms of technology. He believed in himself when most of the people that knew him didn’t give a dime for him, which did not matter to him. He believed in himself and followed his ideas and dreams. As a child he was considered a nerd. He did not have lots of friends because he devoted himself to computer programming at the age of 13. Nowadays those who considered him a nerd ask him for a job.

He is a very intelligent person who not only has a lot of money but who does something good with that money. He has foundations or benefit causes that help people. Also he donates money to support the use of computers in education. He wrote several books, he is married and has three children. He says that he will not leave all the money he has to his children because that will spoil them; he is a person that before doing something thinks about everything a lot and sees what is the best. He is my hero also because he wears glasses as I do.

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