Bill Gates

by Sebastien from Lowell

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

There are many reasons why Bill Gates is my hero. One way is that Bill Gates has a lot of perseverance in what he does. I’m very similar with my determination in tasks I do; I never give up. While still in high school, he had the objective to be a lawyer just like his dad was. Nevertheless, Bill Gates cherished making programs that involved computers; he had another idea. Bill Gates was very shy during high school and even college (pretty much focusing on his own life). He would never go to the social events, unless he was convinced by his friend Steve Ballmer, now the president of Microsoft. In his junior year in college, Bill Gates dropped out, dedicating his life to the software industry. In the late 1980s, Bill Gates and his other companion, Paul Allen, were making programs like Microsoft Word and Excel. It was officially announced, in 1986, that Bill Gates had become a 31-year-old billionaire since the company went into the public.

Nevertheless, Bill Gates went to, “bigger and better things”; the internet. He abruptly began to gain ground on the Netscape organization, whose internet browser was number one at that time period. In 1994, Bill Gates built a 40,000 square foot house, on Lake Washington, and married Melinda French. She works for him. He also is a very generous individual, donating one billion dollars to the Gates Millenium Scholarship Program. In my judgment, anyone who contributes to the community,is a hero.

I hope one day that I grow up to do something rather similar to what Bill Gates accomplished because I would enjoy doing what Bill Gates does; not just because he has over 40 billion dollars. In my perspective, Bill Gates helps many people out in different ways, whether it be building schools for the children, making an all-time great program, Microsoft, or manufacturing a house that when you walk in one of his rooms, it adjusts to your body tempature. People who are leaders in life, are my heroes.

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