Gatha N. Hegwood

by Rebekah from Union

Gatha Hegwood
Gatha Hegwood

The person I consider a great role model is my grandmother, Gatha Hegwood. My grandmother had a great personality. She was the life of the party, and everyone wanted to be around her. When she walked into a room, the room lit up because of her smile. My grandmother brought meaning to many people’s lives and provided inspiration during troubled times. My grandmother is my role model because of the extraordinary life she led.

My grandmother was the biggest influence in the way I was raised. My mother used the morals and values she was taught by my grandmother to influence me. My grandmother taught me to respect adults and to be courteous to others. She instilled the values of honesty, kindness, and sincerity in me while I was growing up. She taught me to value my family and friends. My grandmother taught me that grandparents are the link to family history. She taught me to be true to myself and never to put on an act in front of people. My grandmother was my best friend and biggest supporter of whatever I did.

My grandmother accomplished many things in her life before she died. My grandmother raised three kids as a single mother. She worked two jobs to provide food, clothing, and a home for her children. She cared for her mother and father before they died. My grandmother organized the family reunions and made sure everyone had fun. My grandmother also instilled her values in all seven of her grandchildren. Even though her accomplishments did not affect the world, she made a difference in her family’s lives.

My grandmother had a great moral reputation. My grandmother was a devoted Christian. She taught me that church and God are an essential part of a person’s life. My grandmother taught me that a person could have peace in her life if she had God in her heart. I regularly attended church with my grandmother. My grandmother was a true Christian, and she knew in her heart that she would go to heaven. My grandmother made it a point to help others. She often helped people in troubled times. My grandmother helped many of her family members when they were in need of something. She provided hope and encouragement to people when they needed to be lifted up. My grandmother always told people to lay their troubles on God, and He would help people get through them.

My grandmother had to overcome the side effects of her brain cancer. My grandmother had great faith during her battle with cancer. She was an inspiration to many people because she did not lose her faith when she got sick. My grandmother told everyone that she was not worried because she knew God would take care of her. The strength my grandmother displayed during her illness caused me to have more faith in God and to put my trust in Him. Although my grandmother did not win her battle with cancer, she did become the person I admire in my life.

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